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Monday, April 18, 2022

Talking Orioles (In What May Well Be the Highlight of Their Season)

With the Oriokes taking two out of three from the Yankees this past weekend, today may just be the one and only time this season that we can gloat about the O's and how well they are doing.  For them to take a series from the Yankees, something they haven't accomplished in awhile, was a nice Easter weekend surprise.  To see the lowest paid team in MLB jump up and beat one of the highest paid is always a treat.  

Proving that old saying "it's money that matters" MLB really has become a case of the haves versus the have-nots.  Check out this ranking of the top 3 MLB salaries by team:

Now look at the below average totals and see the Nationals at 19 and the O's at 30th:

Orioles' total figure includes retained monies owed to Chris Davis who is no longer on the team. 

(Note: For a really depressing article on how shitty the Orioles' management is when it comes to paying their folks (click here) and read how the O's are taking their 2 best players to arbitration in a dispute over their salaries.  Did someone say bush league?)

But back to the positive side of things and where I began.  With most projections having the O's over/under total win number at around 62 games, it looks to be another long season for our Men in Orange.  By comparison the Yankees' projected number is at 92 just behind the league favorites the Dodgers' 98 and Blue Jays' 93  (click here.)  The Nationals are also at the lower end of the over/under rankings @ 72 wins.)

The Orioles are currently 3-6 for the season and last in their division so they look to be right where they are projected to be.   Their upcoming 10 game west coast road trip will probably sink them even further.  

But hey, who cares today, when after all, they took 2 outta 3 from the Yankess.  Hey Chuck, how's the beer? (Video's 00:53 mark and his final comment.) 
Note that while the Orioles' season will be one of great inconsistentcy, Buzzy's will remain a constant where yes, the beer is always cold.

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