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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Car Show Time of Year

Wednesday, so it is not to early to start planning your weekend.  I know that you already have "Visit Buzzy's" on your calendar, but think about including Leonardtown too.

The town features a Hospice Run and Fun Walk on Saturday and a car show Sunday.  All proceeds from these events go to Hospice of St. Mary's..

The Leonardtown Car Show is kinda cool because the entire downtown area will be shut down for a display of various hot rods and classic cars.

As I noted above, all proceeds from these events go to Hospice of St. Mary's.  There is a reason for that name because all of the money raised stays here in St. Mary's to assist in local Hospice efforts.  Hospice is a great organization staffed with some outstanding folks. Even if you can't make these 2 upcoming events, think about Hospice of St. Mary's if and when the gift giving mood hits you.

Speaking of car shows, I got a call from Brother Warren Burke the other day verifying that the Buzzy Car Show, usually held in October, will be on hiatus this year and probably permanently.   Warren wanted to let me know that the American Legion is targeting the first weekend in October for a show on their grounds and it should be a good one with food and entertainment and of course lots of cars.  Stayed tuned for more info on that event.

Brought back some good memories of the Buzzy Car Shows from years back.   Those were the days my friend.   Note that  Mary Hopkin  was only 17 when Paul discovered her and produced her take on this as one of Apple Records' first tunes.  Frankly, I never used to care much for this tune during my rock n roll days.  All that Russian-folk-song-crap in it (a balalaika?) sounded dumb to me.  However, now it sounds semi-ok to me.   Sucks to get old and have your musical tastes go south on you too.

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