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Friday, April 15, 2022

Buzzy Sign Back on the Street

Well, it only took 8 months, but the Buzzy front sign is finally back up thanks to JW Raley's engineering skills and Clyde Ridgell's assistance in the installation. 

Recall that in August of last year an ugly car accident involving a near head on collision between two vehicles resulted in the leveling of the Buzzy sign as shown here (click here for related post.)  (After the collision, one of the vehicles careened thru my Buzzy sign before coming to a stop.)

Fortunately for the two individuals involved in the accident no serious injuries occurred.  Fortunately for me, the young man responsible for the accident had insurance to help cover the bulk of the sign's replacement costs.  

Dora Millen at Chesapeake Custom Embroidery did a nice job replicating the sign's contents for me and JW took it from there.  My thanks to Dora, JW and Clyde for all their help in this effort.   

Even though it went against my Buzzy business motto of "No changes" there was one semi-major change in the new sign's appearance.  Note that it now has two support posts versus only one previously.

We added more support because the new sign boards, made out of composite materials, are not as rigid as were the previous plywood boards.  I guess there is some metaphor there that as we get older, we all need more support to help keep us upright.  As always, a song comes to mind:

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