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Friday, April 22, 2022

Black Diamond Disaster

Here is something else "going down" this weekend over on St. Clements Island.  Back in 1865 on 23 April a steamer boat collided with a barge near St. Clements Island and 87 men died as a result.  That event will be commemorated as follows:

For a great account how the accident took place, check out this article (click here.)

Something else caught my eye in my internet wanderings today and is sorta related to the above.  (Don't trouble yourself too much nor too long trying to figure out how it is connected because I've got it teed up for you below.)  Here is the news item that caught my eye.

I thought it was either a joke or a misprint but sure enough, the Declawing of Cats Bill made it through the legislature and Gov. Hogan has now signed it into law.  The gas tax bill may have expired but we can all sleep better knowing that the bleeping cats' bill passed.

So how is that related to the boats colliding?  I could make a case that, like the boats sinking, we as a society are also doomed and sinking a little bit more every day.  However, that's too bleak an assessment don't you think?  Maybe this song's title and its composers name can tie it all in a little better and on a more positive note.

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