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Monday, March 7, 2022

Waiting for Natasha

The current issue of the American Beverage Licensees' weekly newsletter discusses the many moves by States and liquor establishments to ban the sale of Russian vodka.  (Note that the ABL newsletter is a trade publication for members only viewing, but to give you some idea of what is being done, here is a link to one of the articles that ABL referenced (click here.))  

All of which reminded me of a visit from Natasha several years ago.  Here is my Buzzyblog post on her:

May 2013 Buzzyblog
Alas, Natasha never has made it back into Buzzy's to verify that some Russian vodka is indeed on the shelf.  However, my friends Claudia and Clarke Guy would often drop in to say hello and buy a bottle or two when they were here living in the County.  However, they have since moved to Texas and my Russian vodka sales have plummeted long before this war began.  

So now there is only one bottle of Russian vodka for sale in Buzzy's Country Store.  The fact that it is carrying a $30 price tag means that the Buzzy in me cannot pour it down the drain just because Putin suffers from little pecker syndrome.

Instead, I'll hang onto it (the vodka) and keep waiting for Natasha to return.  It might be a while.  Hey Clarke/Claudia, bout time for you guys to move back here isn't it!?

Wonder if Madonna ever drinks any Russian vodka -

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