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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Selection Sunday

Later today on what is known in the sports world as Selection Sunday, the college basketball folks will announce the seedings for their upcoming NCAA Tournament.   I can recall a time when this would be a big sports day for me as I would anxiously await to see where and whom the Maryland Terps would be playing in the upcoming tournament.  Several of those years the Terps were a "bubble team" meaning they were not assured of an at large invite/selection to the tournament.  That made for even more anxiety and interest in tuning in the announcement of the seedings on Sunday evening to see whether or not the Terps would be in the tourney.

But once the seedings were announced on Sunday evening and I learned that the Terps would indeed be going to "the dance, " I would then spend the next couple hours (days) plotting out how the Terps could or would advance their way thru the tournament.  Ah, those were the days my friend. 

Unfortunately, this year Maryland won't be one of 68 teams selected and are not even a "bubble team" consideration.  How low can they go?    

One of the bubble teams that may or not be in the Tourney is the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.  They should make it if for no other reason than this upset of then ranked Number 1 Purdue.

P..S. You know you're getting old when the sons of sports stars that you once followed are now doing great things. I remember watching Ron Harper Jr.'s Dad when he played in the NBA and was a part of those Bulls' and Lakers' championship seasons.

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