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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Photos of Trios

Last week someone in Buzzy's Country Store made the "It comes in threes" comment when they cited George Milburn's, Hattie Dunbar's and Buddy McBride's recent passings.

How about we give that phrase a different and more life affirming connotation with some photos of trios?

Shea, Charlene and Sonney - in Marathon, Florida (Photo by Steve Eljersma)

Grandkids Lily, Shawn and Emma (All Now in Marathon, Florida Too)

Grandkids Blaise, Stone and Marley in Piney Point "Playing" Pool

Bruce Price, JW Raley and Herbie McKay Mustangs at Buzzy's (JW Studying Instruction Manual)
Gordon and JW (3 Counting the Car)

Jimmy, Buzzy and Lee Trying to Decipher Polock's Kareoke Machinery

Josh, Brianna and Clyde Celebrating Brianna Turning 21

Nice little trio tune here for you courtesy of Eddie Cochran:

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