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Saturday, March 12, 2022

In Memory of Good Music

In a previous Buzzyblog post at this time of year in 2015, I discussed the Allman Brothers' Fillmore East performance of In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (click here.)  Back then I was discussing how this tune played a role in the demise of my first marriage.  

An irony is that it was on 12-13 March 1971 that the Allmans appeared and recorded their live album at the Fillmore featuring In Memory of Elizabeth and several other classic songs.  Here is Gregg talking to Dan Rather about their Fillmore appearance and another great tune from that album:


Speaking of being on the way out,  I'm heading south today to jump on a cruise ship tomorrow and for the next two weeks visit some Saints as in Lucia, Maarten, Thomas etc.. (It may be the closest I ever get to some saints other than my Buzzy patrons.)  Here on the Buzzyblog, I got some future posts ready for you so like they say in the rooms "Keep coming back." Also,Buzzy's Country Store will be open as usual to keep you plied and satisfied. "Might be your man I don't know."

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