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Thursday, March 10, 2022


Ok, Monday's Buzzyblog featured a single lady named Natasha, Tuesday was a twofer and yesterday focused on trios.  See a little pattern here?  Today let's look at some foursomes.

This first set of 4 came to me from my friend and cousin Carol Kelly who has been going thru her Mom's photos.  Carol came upon this foursome of some young Ridgells: 

Note the "Bussy" nickname that he would later amend to Buzzy.  Tinky stayed Tinky.
Terri, Buzzy, Karen and Gary

Marianne Springer, Karen Holcomb, Pam and Tricia Fox

4 Pat Friends (Missing Stover But Aiming for the Quintuplet Photo of Them)

Alright - 8 Folks Seen Here So Call This a Foursome Times 2

4 Rock n Rollers - Polock, Linda. Kim and Nancy Colandrea
And since I started with 4 Ridgells, I will conclude with 4:
Shea, Brady Holding Marley and Ryan
Only 1 group could be played here right?

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