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Monday, February 21, 2022

Cheers - Update

The other day in Buzzy's Country Store a nice couple from D.C. stopped in and stayed awhile.  When one of my every-dayers walked in shortly afterwards and was greeted warmly by all the other Buzzy folks hanging out, I overheard the young visitor say to his wife "Wow, this place really is like Cheers - everyone knows everyone."  

It reminded me of an article written about Buzzy's that led off with that very comparison:  

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I am always very pleased with the Cheers and Buzzy's comparisons for two reasons.  One, Cheers was one of my all-time favorite T-V shows, and two, it always brings back a nice memory of me telling Buzzy about it.  Our conversation went like this:

Me:  "Dad, you should watch the T-V show Cheers?"

Buzzy:  "Why? What's it about?"

Me:  "It's about a guy who has a bar with a bunch of characters hanging around."

Buzzy:  "I don't need to watch that.  I got that in here every day and night."

Another reason I like Cheers even more so now than when I first watched it back then has to do with how the writers were able for 11 seasons to capture all of the ins and outs of life in a bar - the many characters, the funny situations, the jokes, the nuances etc.  Cheers was one of the best sitcoms of all time and certainly THE best T-V bar comedy ever - bar none. (Sorry couldn't resist saying that.)

As stated, Cheers ran for 11 seasons and one of the reasons it stayed fresh was its ability to weave in new characters over the years.  When the actor playing the likable old bartender Coach passed away in real life, the writers replaced him with an equally likeable Woody Harrelson.  This scene was from Season 4 where Woody makes his debut.  I liked him right from the start and when he jumped over the bar, I knew he was going to be a star!

Not too many musical scenes on Cheers but this one featuring Woody wasn't bad:

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