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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Who Shot Cheeseface?


In January 1973 National Lampoon published one of the most famous magazine covers of all time (click here.)  If you click on that linked reference, you will find an article that includes the following note from the photographer Ronald Harris who took the picture and had this to say: 

The Netflix movie A Stupid and Futile Gesture is a little "unbalanced" but is worth watching particularly if you were a National Lampoon fan as I was back in the day (click here.)  (In fact I can remember subscribing to only 4 magazines back then - Lampoon, Rolling Stone, Newsweek and Sports Illy.

But talk about going down a dark corridor or two, in looking for info on the dog cover, a couple surprises popped up.   As the Netflix movie shows, the ultimate demise of one of the Lampoon's founding fathers Doug Kenney was sad enough, but then to learn what became of the cover dog, poor old Cheeseface, was just as saddening.  (Remember I am not a pet person either.)  

You see, after the cover ran in 1973, 3 years later Cheeseface was shot by an unknown assassin.  True story.  You can't make this kinda stuff up.  In 1976, while retired and living peacefully on a farm in Vermont, good old Cheeseface was taken out by an assassin (click here.)  Talk about life imitating art or something like that.

Musically, Bon Jovi often times makes some critics' list as being among the least deserving Rock and Roll Hall of Fame entrants.  Since I kinda like Bon Jovi, I am good with them being in the Hall.  On the other hand,  I finally agrree with wild man Ted Nugent on something and that is his questionong some other folks admission to the hall (click here.)

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