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Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Guys Have It

How about some Guy Stuff?

First something from the Old Guys' files: 

Sent to me from Larry Yeatman who asked when was a mirror installed in Buzzy's?!

Next, check out some Budweiser Guys who actually were at Buzzy's:

Father and Son George and Glen
But Guys are everywhere as in the original Ridge Guys at Buzzy's celebrating Pat's 70th:
Carolyn. Randy and Pat
And then here are My Guys even if they were not at Buzzy's when this photo was taken in 2008:
Brady, Dad and Shea
And just what event was it that My Guys were viewing?  The St. Michael's Christmas Show featuring Grandson Shawn.  (He is the guy in the white shirt with the red hair.)  Note that in addition to Shawn there are only 5 other guys in that class.  Maybe I need to do another post on The Gals.

Keith and Rod joining in on Ronnie Wood's live performance of Take a Look at The Guy:

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