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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Cindy Pt 2

Mentioning Cindy Crawford a few weeks back regarding her classic Pepsi commercial filmed at the Halfway Cafe, sent me looking for info on the cafe.  The Cafe's website (click here) doesn't tell you much about their history etc. but I did manage to find the following on another page (click here.)

Halfway House Cafe - Restaurant - Visit Santa Clarita

So why is this a Buzzy Twofer other than it is the second time in a couple days that I've done something on Cindy?  Turns out that she recently revisited the Halfway Cafe and did a photo shoot to help raise money for a hospital (click here.)
As you can see, she's still swilling down a Pepsi and at 55 years young still looking as great as she did in the 1992 original version.  Hopefully the following parody video won't ruin the original for you:  
Since it is a Twofer, how about a second video featuring another supermodel?  Kate Moss appears in a music video from the White Strips and features her doing some very excellent pole dancing.  Makes me wonder how she learned how to do all that so well:

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