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Monday, November 15, 2021

Not So Starry Night

 A recent conversation in Buzzy's Country Store had someone commenting that "We sure are having a lot of starry nights."  She continued by noting that the stars always appear to be brighter at this time of year compared to other times.  (I learned that this is true, because in the fall and winter months, stars do appear brighter because of the earth's position (click here.)  So chalk one up for my Buzzy-wanna-be-astronomer.)    

But it was the "starry night" description that got me thinking about Vincent's most famous painting.   We have seen it a lot lately due to the Immersive Experience exhibit that is currently making the rounds (click here.)  

I saw the original painting in the MOMA several years ago and even have a copy of it.  (Long story but it now adorns the ceiling of my workshop (below) along with my other priceless art collections stapled to the rafters up there.  Hope the roof never leaks.)  

So I'm good with Starry Night being a great piece of art.  No doubt it truly is a masterpiece.  

That said however, I do have one problem with it and it has always bugged me because I just can't get past it. (And yes, I am the first to admit that when it comes to things like art composition and techniques etc., I am just a redneck from Ridge who knows little to nothing about all that stuff.)

However as Mick once said "I know what I like" and what I like is definitely not those ugly cypress trees that Van placed in the foreground standing out like some dildo with nothing to do.  To me, it just ruins the whole view.  Starry Night my ass; it's more like Ugly Trees.  

And yes, I know all the explanations about this being Van's way of portraying his depression, unrest,  madness or whatever else was driving and haunting him.  But my bottom line is that I want art to make me feel good and I don't want to sit there and have to think about it and get depressed while I do so.  Thus, whenever I look at Starry Night, I tend to stay focused on the right side of it.    

Quick aside here - having recently watched the Bob Ross Netflix documentary, I now wonder if this wasn't Van pulling off a "happy accident" move where he screwed up and said "What the hell I'll just paint a tree in there and be done with it."  Think about it. 

Music/video-wise, I should probably play Don Mclean's Vincent dirge here, but it too is kinda depressing.  Therefore, let's do something a little more upbeat and in keeping with the whole Starry Night immersive theme.  Note too, that in this video they don't spend too much time messing around with those crummy cypress trees either.  That should tell you something.

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