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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

No Soup for You

Hard to believe that Seinfeld's last episode was in 1998.  But even though the show has been off the scene for so long, I will still overhear Seinfeldisms said quite frequently in Buzzy's Country Store.  (Remember, my Buzzy crowd skews a little "mature" so these throwback references are to be expected.) 

One of the most quoted of lines from Jerry and Company will usually be said in Buzzy's anytime any gay reference or joke is related.  Invariably, and predictably, somewhere in that conversation someone will say "not that there is anything wrong with that."  And invariably it will still get a laugh.  

Just the other day,  I overheard someone say "No soup for you." This of course was from the infamous Seinfeld Soup Nazi.  I learned that the Seinfeld character was based on a real life dude as shown here:  

Too, I landed on this video where the actor who played the  Soup Nazi discusses how he got the part and different scenes from the show (click here.)

Music-wise, this has nothing to do with Seinfeld, but it's a nice video and tune from a Maryland guy who is in Nashville doing his thing as a country music artist. 

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