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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Enjoying The Weather

I have held off saying anything about how nice the weather has been this month for fear that doing so would jinx it and bring on the bad stuff.  (Think of the Nor'easter mess that is currently busting New England in the chops.  A bomb cyclone?  Never heard that one before.)

Even though we still have a couple days left in the month, I'm going to make the case that this has been one of the nicest of Octobers that we have ever had.  The weather stats confirm it:  October temps so far have been 5 to 6 degrees higher than average.  Total rainfall to date has been an inch below average.  (Some predictions show roughly an inch of rain rolling in on us tonight so we may yet hit that monthly average.)  One of my gardening dudes in Buzzy's Country Store noted that it's usually an October frost that stops the growing season, but this year it's been the wind knocking plants over.  Yet, a little wind i.e. "breezy" is a good thing.  Seems that the really bad ass wind storms have chosen to give us a pass and veered north of us to go be a pain somewhere else.

Of course good weather means good business.   When it's nice out, people go out.  When it's nasty, cold and rainy out, people are like your dog standing at the doorway looking up at you and asking "You expect me to go out and pee and poop in this crap?"  

Perfect weather - not too hot not too cold - so here is the perfect weather song to accompany it.


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C. McCoy said...

Hey J. Scott,

Have you mentioned on your blog that the County is suffering from a shortage of corned hams? There are virtually no corned hams available for purchase at this time.

This is a serious problem.

Chris McCy