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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Tilghman Island Country Store

Yesterday a nice couple named Judy and Gary dropped into Buzzy's Country Store and in the course of our conversation told me about the Tilghman Island Country Store.   (Judy and Gary are from Tilghman Island and are camping this week at Pt. Lookout State Park.)  

Well, it didn't take me long on that world wide gizmo to find the following info on the Tilghman Island Country Store:


They have an excellent Facebook page full of interesting photos and info that includes a Friday@Five video.  In these videos Store owner Patti and her friend Mary discuss upcoming events and happenings on Tilghman Island in addition to events and things going on at their Store.  Here too is a nice article I found where Patti discusses how she and her husband John came to own and operate the Store (click here,)    

On the down side of my conversation with Judy and Gary however, after asking them about another Tilghman Island businessman, Capt. Buddy Harrison, they informed me that he had passed several years ago.  I found this article on Capt. Buddy (click here.)  In memory of  him, here again is his infamous video.  

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words J.Scott. we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and spending time in your wonderful country store. And thanks for keeping things "the way they used to be". We look forward to stopping by the next time we visit Scotland.