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Sunday, August 1, 2021

August Birthdays, Sad Days and Meteors

Aren't We All Just a Shooting Star Here For Awhile and Then Gone?

August is a busy month for the extended Buzzy family.  Richard (Dickie) Cullison celebrates his birthday today.  Cousin Johnny (JW) Raley,  Karen Quade, Rita Weaver and Ted Yeatman celebrate on the 3rd;  Bobbi Jo Magee on 5 Aug;  my Grandson Stone Ridgell's second birthday on the 8th; my in-laws Stella and Sol Aroesty's wedding anniversary also on the 8th;  Peggy Binzel on the 15th; Lorie Raley on the 17th;  Cathy Wright the 20th; Gary Wood the 25th, my son Brady also on the 25th and  Brother-in-law Dan Hofmeister the 26th.  On the 29th, Jimmy and Marylou Cullison celebrate their wedding anniversary.  

On a sad note, this will be the first 21 August that my Mom won't be around to celebrate what would have been her 90th birthday.  Also, on 12 August at Brinsfield Funeral Home there will be a Memorial Service for recently deceased Dave Jarrell.  

But in an attempt to try and leave you on an "up" note,  August will also feature a meteor shower known as the Perseids.  This is an annual occurrence whereby streaks of light flash across the sky for an extended period of time and put on a celestial show for us.  It takes place on 11 August (click here for more details.) 

Found this video of the Perseids set to some music.  Now that I know what a RAV Vast E Low Pygmy is I may have get one just so I can do my chakra scales.  Right.

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