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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Twofer Tuesday (And Every Other Day at the Same Cafe) - Me and Mrs. Jones

Recently I heard Daryl Hall's version of the song Me and Mrs. Jones which was made famous by Billy Paul.     

As Daryl sang the second verse about Mrs. Jones having her own obligations (2:30 mark below) I found myself thinking "Uh, I don't remember hearing that in the original song."  

So I did a little research to check it out and found that I was correct-a-mundo because the radio version of the song was shortened and the song's second verse was skipped. Click here to listen to Billy's original shortened version.)  Note that Billy would later release the extended version of the song.  

Me and Mrs. Jones was involved in a couple of lawsuits the first of which involved the sax riff played at the beginning of the tune. The riff was judged to have been lifted from a Doris Day song Secret Love.   This makes sense I guess, in that a song about adultery was found guilty of stealing from an old song titled Secret Love. 

A second lawsuit was then initiated by Billy Paul years later when his song was used in a Nike commercial.  This led to a huge lawsuit where Paul won a chunk of change from his original recording producers (click here.)
Old Blue, Buzzy and Bruno
But speaking of things old, put Saturday, 26 June on your calendar to bring something old down to Buzzy's Country Store to show it off as part of our Buzzy's Family Heirloom Day.  We'll have some tables set up in the Buzzy parking lot for you to display interesting old items that you have held on to all these years.   This is not a yard sale.  (And please don't be bringing me a bunch of old crap that you plan on leaving in my parking lot for me to get rid of.)   This is a Buzzy version of Antique Road Show only with no experts on site other than my usual Buzzy clientele who are experts on everything. 

So start digging out those things that you have stashed away in your attic or garage that folks may be interested in checking out.  No need to rsvp, preregister or anything like that, just bring your shit and show it off. 

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