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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Coney Market in Lonaconing

Lonaconing, Maryland is located in Allegheny County (see Maryland map on billboard in the above photo.)  Until recently Lonaconing was most famous for being the hometown of Hall of Fame pitcher Lefty Grove.  

However, Lonaconing has now become even more famous in 2021 because a winning Powerball ticket worth over $700 million was sold there by a small store Coney Market.  

The winning ticket hit back in January (click here)  but was only claimed a few weeks ago and even then the winners elected to remain anonymous.  (Maryland is one of only 11 states that allows lottery winners to remain anonymous.)

Hard-luck Maryland town gets a $731.1 million Powerball win (apnews.com)

Here is the story describing how the winners recently claimed their group prize but elected to remain anonymous (click here.)  
I had seen this story when it first hit back in January and saved the above photo to maybe do something on it here on the Buzzyblog.  To tell you the truth, I had forgotten all about it until the recent news came out that the winning ticket had finally been claimed.  

But then this past weekend I had a couple who were camping at the State Park come into Buzzy's Country Store and when I asked where they were from they said Lonaconing.  I immediately asked them if they were the lottery winners.  They laughed and both responded simultaneously "We wish we were."  I then followed up with "Well, do you know who the winners are then?"  They laughed again and the lady said "There are alot of rumors but nobody knows for sure just who it was who won."   I noted that I bet the winners all have some new best friends."  Again the couple laughed and both responded "They sure do."

Just they way they answered my questions told me that they had been asked these sort of things previously and that they had their answers down pretty good, a little too good if you know what I mean.  

I didn't bother trying to pry any more info out of them as they paid for their snacks and drinks and headed out the door.  However, as they did so I looked out the front window to see what they were driving.  Sure enough it was a nice new Ford F-250 with a 5th wheel hitch sticking up in the truck bed and I thought to myself "Uh-huh, I bet you got A LOT of new friends."  

My buddy Norm Klink has been on a Cars trip musically and while I was visiting with him a few weeks back he played several of their videos for me.  I was never a big Cars' fan back in the day, but the more I heard and recognized and liked their stuff, the more I thought "Wow, these guys were pretty awesome."  Thank you Norman!

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