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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Shaw's Old Country Store

Because it is Sunday, I Googled "Prayers for a Country Store" just to see if there were any prayers aimed at the few of us still around.  I didn't find any which tells me something I guess in that ain't nobody praying for no country stores.    

However, while I didn't find any prayers specifically for a country store, I did find several for small business owners such as this one (click here.)  It's worth a once over, particularly if you are a small business during these challenging times of too much work and not enough help.    

Somewhere in my internet gyrations on this subject though, I did manage to land on the following article (click  here) that discussed the recent death of Clark Shaw the owner of The Old Country Store Restaurant in Jackson, Tennessee.  My first thought was "What's this got to do with praying for a country store?"  

Turns out that Clark was quite the Christian who not only talked the talk but walked the walk as a man of God.   He took over the Old Country Store restaurant from his parents Agnes and Brooks Shaw, who started it in 1965, and turned it into a very successful enterprise ultimately located in the Casey Jones Village.  Check out this video: 

To catch some of the testimonials about how Clark and how his faith impacted his approach to life matters (click here and watch the filmed memorial to him.  

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