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Thursday, May 20, 2021

It's in The Stars

Speaking of Reagan, as in Ronald (previous post) one of the more crazy stories about him and his presidency was his wife Nancy's reliance on his  horoscope to plan his schedule.  True story as noted here by his Chief of Staff:  

The Big Astrology Secret Behind Ronald Reagan’s Presidency (numerologist.com)
I mention this because I too will sometimes consult my horoscope to see if I got my mojo working on any given day or period in my life.  Seems too that my horoscope will tend to confirm or reinforce my feelings about something I am planning to do, or it may even cause me to double clutch on something I was thinking or debating about not doing.   I don't let it rule me as Nancy did with husband Ronnie's schedule; but on a scale of 1 to 10, I may plug it in as a 2 or a 3 and at least give it a nod or a consideration in my plans for my day. 

All of which brings me to my horoscope for today which reads as follows:
Today, Brady, Shea, Shawn and I are going up to catch the Orioles play Tampa Bay in an afternoon game.  This will be the first baseball game in some time that we have all been to as a foursome and should be fun.  (That it will probably be our last such venture as a foursome with Shea and Shawn soon moving to Marathon, is another matter.)  But today, we're gonna have some fun.  Hey, my horoscope says so and who am I to blow against that wind?!

Jenny will honcho hot dog Thursday this afternoon at Buzzy's Country Store and Terri will be your evening host.  I'll see everyone tomorrow depending on what my horoscope says.

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