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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Who Would You Like to Have Dinner With Tonight?

In another life working for the Navy, I attended a training session where the instructor started off by doing one of those ice breaking drills.  She asked that we go around the room, introduce ourselves and then state the one person alive or dead whom we would like to have dinner with that night if we could do so.

I had arrived a little late to the class room up at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center and thus ended up having to sit in a front row seat as all the other seats in the back were taken.  The instructor pointed to me and said "We'll just start right here and go around the room. Sir, please give us your name and who you would like to have dinner with tonight."  

I gave her my name and said "Sheryl Crowe"  mostly because I had just been listening to her CD in my car on the way to the class.  The instructor shook her head slowly and responded "I've been asking this question to my classes for some time now and I have never heard her given as a response.  So that's a first."  She then proceeded to the lady seated behind me who introduced herself and said that she would like to have dinner with "Jesus."  (Being a smart ass and thinking that the instructor and the lady behind me had shown me up, I started to interject "Yeah, and we all know how the ended up" but I held off saying anything.)   

However, it sort of continued like that around the room with folks giving great answers about having dinner with a deceased parent or relative who had passed, or some famous person like Lincoln or Gandhi etc.  Very few folks even mentioned someone alive until a man in the back of the room noted that he'd like to have dinner with his son who was stationed in Afghanistan at the time and he hadn't heard from him in a couple months.  With my daughter Ryan in Hawaii, I thought "Damn that should have been my answer."  

Needless to say, out of all of the answers everyone in the class made about potential dinner mates, my suggestion of Sheryl was probably the lamest one given.  I made a mental note to myself to get to future classes a little earlier so I wouldn't have to sit up front and be the first one to answer any ice breaker questions.  

Of course today my answer would be to have dinner with either my Mom or my Dad because I'd like to hear how they are doing post time here on this terra firma.  But then again since both of them are unavailable and if Sheryl didn't have anything else going tonight....  

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