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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Talking Rich and Baseball

As a follow up to yesterday's sad news about Rich Brewer, let's talk some baseball today.  I know Rich would appreciate the transition from something so sad to something more upbeat.  So here goes.  

In addition to being an all around good guy and a great friend, Rich was also an outstanding ball player.  He played on St. Mary's College ball team where he pitched and played center field.  He then was a key member of the powerful Raley's softball team of the late 70's.  That team, managed by Keith Raley, won several championships and tournaments.   In their 1977 Championship season, Rich was deemed the MVP on a very talent-loaded team of excellent ball players.   

Just a few years ago, Rich was the catalyst in putting together a reunion party of those Raley teammates.  I'll try and track down some photos of that and pass them along to you.  

I did manage to find this Joe Norris article in an old Enterprise. 

St. Mary's County Library Microfilm Collection -- Microfilm Image Viewer (archivalweb.com)
Speaking of photo's, that's my buddy John Garner shown above heading to first base.   

No music video today for you, but in keeping with this baseball theme how about the Orioles' Cedric Mullins?  He is hitting .356 and leads the league in most hits including 3 home runs.  Two of those homers came against the Yankees the other night (click here and scroll down to watch that video which includes Cedric's 400 foot shot to center field at Camden Yards.)

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