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Monday, April 26, 2021

Supermoon Delight

Recall me telling you about that first full moon after Easter?  (I did so in the Earth Day blog post having to do with gardening (click here.)  In that post, I mistakenly told you that the full moon's appearance was set for Saturday night .  Well, it turns out that I was a couple nights early because it goes down, or comes up depending on how you look at it, tonight.  

For some reason related to the blooming of springtime flowers (again that moon-growing connection) this particular lunar spectacle tonight is called "a pink moon" even though it is not really pink.  Stay up til 11:30 or so tonight and you can verify this for yourself or you can (click here) and read all about it.

When I went looking for this crazy Paul McCartney tune I saw where Screaming Jay had also covered it.  Paul 's original tune is weird enough but Jay weirds it out even more when he adds lyrics like these - "Why you look at me with seven brown eyes?  You ain't got no baldheaded children do you?"  

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