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Monday, April 12, 2021

Safe Light

Necessity being a mother of invention, see if you can figure out what's going on in this photo.  

This is the safe in Buzzy's Country Store.  The light to the right came about as follows:  

Years ago as we were doing a transition of sorts, Buzzy would ask me as we prepared to open up "Did you open the safe yet?"  Whereas, I knew quite well the Store's opening routine of sweeping the floor, taking out the trash and stocking the coolers because those were my boyhood duties when opening, the safe was not in my routine.  The thought did cross my mind as to why Buzzy didn't just open it himself.

However, I learned very quickly that he sluffed it off on me because opening the Buzzy safe is a bit of a pita.  (Say that 3 times in succession!)  

First off, the safe's combination itself is not that easily remembered as the numbers are very random.  Secondly, when you do recall the combination and dial in the numbers, you have to to be careful doing so because one of the numbers is a little finicky.  You have to scroll a tad beyond it and jiggle the safe's handle just so before it will actually open for you.      

But the biggest problem with the whole Buzzy-safe-opening-effort is that the lighting in that area of the Store is not very good.  It is difficult to clearly see the numbers on the safe's dial and accordingly it is easy to make mistakes as you dial in the combo.  

Thus, when I came upon the above clip on light, I knew where to install it. 

Having said that and semi-solved the problem, still, there are days when I don't feel like messing with the safe, and I'll ask Jenny to open it for me.  Whenever I do so however, It will remind me of Buzzy asking me to do it and I will think  "Oh no, I'm becoming Buzzy!"  (Note that this thought occurs to me more and more the longer I stay behind the counter.)

Christian music sure has come a long ways hasn't it?

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