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Friday, April 2, 2021

Mary Lou Good Friday

I saved this Mary Lou painting for today for a couple reasons.  One, it follows up nicely with my Wednesday's father and son Nelsons working their nets because today's Mary Lou (below) also has a father and son depicted doing something out on the water.  

Two, it reminds me of the 5th month anniversary of my Mom having passed away on 1 November of last year.  Here is how all of that ties in thanks to Mary Lou and her painting.

I was going thru some of Mom's cards that she had saved thru the years when I came upon the following notecard.  I immediately recognized it as a Mary Lou print:

When I opened the card, I saw that it was from Mom's best friend and my Godmother Peggy (Wimberly) McMurray.  

The arrow Peggy inscribed inside the card (above) is pointing to the Mary Lou print on the other side as she identifies her son Bobby, her grandson Travis and Francis as in Francis Ridgell.  (Mary Lou titled this print Hot to Trot because they were trot lining.)   Peggy continued writing on the other half of the card as follows:

As I noted above, it has been 5 months ago that my Mom passed.  I went by St. Michael's graveyard the other day to check out the inscriptions that have recently been added to her tombstone.  

It numbed me up a little.  Whereas I knew that her 3 nicknames from her grandchildren were going to be added to her tombstone, I wasn't prepared for the "Remember Me Loving You" inscription.  It got to me and made me remember how true that was in that she was always my biggest supporter thru good and not-so-good times in my life.  The old saying "Nobody will ever love you like your mother" ran thru my  mind. 

I left her gravesite feeling down, got back in the car and headed to the Store when Hall and Oates' She's Gone began to play on the radio.  As I drove past Mom's house, it hit me even more that this song was not so much about a girlfriend hitting the road and hauling ass as it was about a loved one gone and you having to learn how to deal with and face it.  Mom's "Remember me loving you" made me cry a little more as I recalled and remembered just that. 

When I got to the Store, Brian thankfully had already opened for me and thus I didn't have to go in and deal right away.  I sat in the car for a few more minutes and listened to the rest of She's Gone and bluesed out a little more.  Somewhere in that moment, strangely enough,  I found some closure, or at least some recognition, that Mom is really gone.  As I got out of the car to go into the Store I thought to myself - I need a drink and a quick decision. 

Daryl Hall has a whole series of videos Live at Daryl's house that are great entertainment and worth checking out. This one features Anderson East.  It makes me wonder if their moms are still around.

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