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Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter Monday Traditions

In many countries today, Easter Monday is an official holiday.  However, the best we can muster up here in the U.S. of A. is an Easter Egg Roll at the White House (previous year's example above.) 

But in other countries  around the world they  really throw down today with some crazy  and off-the-wall traditions that make our White House Egg Roll doings look  kinda boring and a tad tame.  Check out these  examples:

In Hallaton County England, on Easter Monday they have an event that features something called hare pies being tossed into the crowds.  As if that isn't different enough, they toss these hare pies as a rugby-like scrum (above) is played between competing village folks whom try to move a keg of beer across a finish line (click here for more details on how all this mayhem plays out.)   

But as crazy as that British tradition may sound, how about this one in some Central European countries on Eastern Monday where the boys spank the girls with switches called pomlatzka (click here.)  Check this video out.  Not so sure I should suggest to Pam that we try this tradition out;  I may find myself being kicked across some finish line while she tosses more than just pies at me!

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