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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Boehner's Book

John Boehner's new book is titled On the House.  Knowing that his parents owned a bar that John grew up and worked in makes this title even more appropriate for a book written by the former Speaker of the House.  In his memoir Boehner reportedly disparages some of the folks he had the displeasure of working with (or at least trying to work with) while Speaker.

During his time in office, Boehner often received some flak about his drinking.  (Try Googling Boehner Drinking and you'll see what I'm talking about here.)   Thus, his choice for the cover photo with him holding a glass of wine also seems to be along the lines of him saying up yours.  

But Boehner went way up in my opinion for 2 reasons - one he appeared in a funny video on how Obama planned to spend his retirement (click here.)   And two - his post-Congressional job choice saw him become a lobbyist for the Legalize Pot folks (click here.)  Maybe his book title shoulda have been titled From Merlot to Marijuana.

P.S. I found this good article on Boehner's sister still working in the bar that their parents once owned (click here.)  See if the article's description of some the bar's patrons doesn't remind you of some of Buzzy's.  Also, note too that the article was written in 2015 but I was unable to determine whether or not the bar is still around today.

Music-wise check out how Luke Combs talks about going from being a bouncer in a bar named The Town Tavern to actually playing music in that same bar to jump start his career (click here.)

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