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Thursday, April 1, 2021

April 2021 Buzzy Birthdays

The word April comes from the Latin word "aperio" which means to open as in to bud.  Pam took this photo of one of our cherry trees and we didn't have to go to the Tidal Basin nor anywhere else to see it!

Speaking of busting out, did you see where one of the reasons that they were finally able to  free that container ship stuck in the Suez Canal had to do with the full moon occurring this past Sunday night (click here)?  While it wasn't exactly deemed a lunar miracle, it was the moon that caused the tides to rise 18 or so inches and help facilitate the ship's release.

I only mention this because Easter's scheduled date is usually dependent on that first full moon after 21 March.  I say usually because there are some extenuating circumstances that make Easter a truly "movable feast" due to some differences in when the first day of spring is celebrated.  It gets complicated explaining the difference between the "Paschal Full Moon" and the astronomical first day of spring, but if you want to know more about it (click here.)  

This year Easter is this coming Sunday, 4 April and unlike other years when Buzzy's was closed, this year we will be open.  So hide those eggs with the Grandkiddies in the morning, then bid them goodbye and slip down to Buzzy's to hunt for something to drink.

As for dates and events that are a little more set from year to year, April also features the following Buzzy birthdays and events: 

Bertie Taylor and  Kevin McKay on the 3rd, Butch Wood 16th, Pat Adams 17th,  Jack Flatly 23rd, Jack Wise 25th and Jay Ripson the 27th.

My immediate family April birthdays include - son Shea on the 7th, niece Rilynn Taylor 18th, stepson Shaun ODell the 21st, daughter-in-law Caitie 24th, and my nephew Emerson Taylor on the 28th.  

Also in April, my daughter-in-law Stephanie and son Shea will celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 8th.  My Grandson Blaise turns four on 20 April and later in the month his parents Caitie and Brady will celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 27th. 

And saving the best for last, my girl celebrates her birthday on the 29th.

Smokey wrote this song about his then wife Claudette.  Hey, if it was good enough for Smokey, who am I to look any further for a nice song about my wife? 

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