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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Airstreaming at Buzzy's

Friday at Buzzy's Country Store I noticed several Airstreams passing by on their way to Pt. Lookout.  Through the course of the afternoon several more continued going by.  It  lead me to conclude - they must be having some kind of Airstream convention or something at the State Park this weekend.  

Turns out that my Sherlock Holmes/Ridge Boy powers of deduction were right on.  Thanks to Airstreamers Linda and Wayne Moore, and Gayle and Rob Sunde,  who dropped into the Store Saturday afternoon,  I learned that this was their Kick Off Rally for the year.  They are members of the D.C. Unit of Airstream International.  I nicked this photo from their website and hi-lited the announcement of the Pt. Lookout rally (click here.) 

Although named D.C. Unit, the group includes members from all over the D.C. area.  Linda, shown below with Gayle, edits their monthly newsletter and included this photo from a recent edition of the newsletter (click here.)  (I neglected to get a photo of all of them at Buzzy's so they'll just gave to come back some time in the future for me to do so.)

Lobster Holding Up Ice Cream Cones Behind Linda and Gayle

It was very nice to meet and discuss things Airstream with these folks all of whom have served as past-Presidents of the unit.  It brought back some very  pleasant memories of my camping-in-tent-days and later in a pull along camper with the kids.  When doing so, I would always admire and check out the classy Airstreams around the camp ground and think - maybe some day I'll have me one of those bad boys.    

However, that was a dream from another life time.  Today, I feel a little like Harry Chapin at the end of Taxi where he realizes his dream after all - "I'm camping out at Buzzy's with my Airstream (hat) hanging from the ceiling above me."     

When Linda's husband Wayne picked up a Buzzy hat to purchase, I made him an offer he couldn't refuse - trade the Buzzy hat for his Airstream hat he was wearing.  Wayne did so, signed it and now it is proudly on display at Buzzy's.  Bet their other Airstream Rally sites can't claim an honor like that!

The D.C. Unit has their own Youtube video featuring the Woody Guthrie Crawdad tune. (Funny, but I always associate this tune with Andy Griffith singing it on Andy of Mayberry.)

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