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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Wait for the Savings

Nighttime thinks daytime is a drama queen because "daytime always needs to be saved!"

OK I am a week early on this one but it will give you more time (get it?) to pull this little trick question on your friends.  Here is the trick question to ask them - next weekend when we turn the clocks forward one hour, what is that called?  

If you, like most people, answered "Daylight Savings Time" you are incorrect.  It is officially called Daylight Saving, not Savings, Time.  I know, picky, picky but here's betting that very few, if any, of the folks you ask this simple question will have the Savings part as singular.  I Justin Wilson it.  (Free drink if you get that reference.)

On the subject of changing time though, Georgia's legislature is attempting to become the third state to eliminate Daylight Saving Time (DST) completely and retain Standard Time year round (click here)   (With Standard Time only lasting 4 months, one would think that 8 months of DST should be called the Standard Time and the other 4 months referred to as something else like Daylight Wasting Time.)   

Hawaii and Arizona are currently the only 2 states that do not use DST except for the northeast portion of Arizona which is mostly the Navajo Nation.  (For a good article on just how and why Arizona and Hawaii do not do DST (click here.)  

Confusing?  Well it gets even more so because California and Washington have recently passed laws to keep DST year round and not fall back an hour in the fall.  Their laws are being held up pending a Federal law that is working its way through the Congress (click here.)   Florida also passed a similar law in 2018 to keep permanent DST and that law is also being held up pending Federal approval (click here.)

Kind of ironic however, that we have a Uniform Time Law passed in 1966 to try and sort all this out and yet here are the States messing around with it.  (Sounds a little similar to letting States monkey with their voting laws doesn't it?)  

But back to where I began this "timely" discussion,  here then is your geek assignment leading up to next Saturday night/Sunday:  ask your family and friends what changing the time is called and see how many of them get it wrong.  Too, look for the grimace and/or frown that they will shoot your way when you give them the correct answer.

And just because of its opening line, here are the Bangles covering Simon and Garfunkel's most rocking of tunes:

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