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Friday, March 12, 2021

The ________

A visitor to Buzzy's Country Store yesterday made a comment about when he worked at "The Plant." While I knew immediately what he was referring to, a younger person also in the Store asked him where "The Plant" was. The older visitor had to inform him that it was the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant over in Calvert County. 

Most of us do something similar whenever we refer to St. Mary's County as simply "The County." People automatically know what county we are referring to as if St. Mary's is the only county in the world.  (It really is after all isn't it?)   As an example of how we use this verbal shortcut, I posted on Massey's "You Know You're From St. Mary's..." FB page awhile back the following photo of some stuffed ham pots and explained it as follows:
On not-so-widely-a-recognized basis as are "The Plant" and "The County," among my immediate family and close friends, we refer to Buzzy's as simply "The Store."  I often think of this when folks will call me and ask "Are you at the Store?"  

Music-wise, I always thought that the best band name ever was really the simplest - The Band.  No bs, no puns, nothing clever or cute, just simply The Band.  I'm pretty sure I've played just about all of The Band's stuff for you, so how about something today here by way of some trivia?  

Bet you didn't know that the Scottish group Nazareth took their name from a reference in the first line of the Band's classic The Weight when they heard Levon sing "I pulled into Nazareth feeling bout half past dead."   (As for their most recognized tune, Nazareth had to use this particular title to get by the censors vs. calling it Messing With a Son of a Bitch.  My suggestion to them would have been,  just call it The Dog!)

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