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Monday, March 15, 2021

St. Patrick's Day Mystery For You to Solve

OK, here is how this little personal note will end on St. Patrick's Day the day after tomorrow: "And that's why I think of my Dad every time I take a leak."  

I know, you're saying either "Yuck!" or "WTF?"  But hang with me while I  explain the rest of the story and how this came to pee, I mean be.  Today I'm going to give you the background to the story.  Tomorrow, when I'm back at the Store, which is closed today being Monday,  you can give me your opinions and theories as to why you think my story ends up on such a "pissy" note.  Here's the background part. 

On what would turn out to be our last overseas trip together, Buzzy and I went to Ireland in 2004.  We toured by bus around the Irish countryside from Dublin down to the Ring of Kerry, back up the west coast, over to Londonderry in Northern Ireland and then back to Dublin.  Along the way we hit all the tourist spots to include the famous Cliffs of Moher.  

This photo of us at the Cliffs was taken by a guy from New York who was a fellow tourist also travelling with his father.  I reciprocated the favor by taking a similar photo of him and his father posing as Buzzy and I did here.  (Note Buzzy's cane in my right hand.  He gave me the cane to hold while the pic was being taken.  I've talked about Buzzy and the cane in a couple previous posts.)

I remember the guy who took the pic not only for that but also because he and his father were big horse race fans.  When they found out we were from Maryland they immediately began talking about Smarty Jones winning the Preakness and how they were rooting for him to win the Belmont Stakes being held that same very day that we visited the Cliffs.  (Ironically, when I tried to think of what year it was that Dad and I went to Ireland, I recalled this exchange with these New Yorkers and looked up what year it was when Smarty Jones won the Derby and the Preakness.)  

On the day that we visited the Cliffs of Moher somewhere around mid-afternoon, I remember the guy very despondently telling me that Smarty Jones had lost to a 30-1 longshot.  When I asked him how he knew this, he said that his brother had phoned him from New York to tell him the bad news.  I remember Buzzy, after hearing how the guy had learned of this news, commenting "Wonder how much that phone call cost for his brother to call and tell him that." 

Ok, that's the background story as to how the above photo of the two of us was taken at the Cliffs of Moher.  Your mission now is to try and figure out why I think of that moment whenever I am at home in my upstairs bathroom relieving myself.  (And no it does NOT have anything to do with either Buzzy nor me peeing off the Cliffs of Moher!)  I'll give you the rest of the story on Wednesday.   

On that note, how about I leave you with perhaps Frank's most famous line:
Note that the tune was part of a much longer song.  If you got some time, check out this funny video (click here.)

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