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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Pancakes, Palms and a Shot of Jameson

Happy Palm Sunday!  St. Michael's in Ridge has it all going on this a.m. - breakfast, Easter Bunny, and then you can bop (hop?) into Church and pick up your palms.  

Swing by Buzzy's Country Store later and I'll put something to drink in your palms!

Years ago, during my singlehood, I dated a young lady who was a big Christian music fan.  Being a 60's music lover with all the sex, drugs and rock and roll emphasis, it took me awhile to associate rock music with Christian themes.  It was ok, but it still took me some getting used to.  

Eventually me and the young lady went our separate ways.  It wasn't exactly due to my lack of interest in her musical tastes, but that lacking on my part sure didn't exactly help things relationship-wise.   Still, whenever a Christian tune catches my ear, I will think of her and wonder what she's listening to now.  

TobyMac is a very successful Christian hip hop artist from Fairfax, Virginia.  However, he has had his share of life's challenges in that his father died in 2015 from dementia and then just last year he lost his 21 year old son due to a drug overdose (click here for that story.)   TobyMac shows us how faith and music will get you thru times life that..  

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