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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Mary Lou Tuesday

When Tammy told me about having her going away party at Buzzy's, I asked her what I could do.  She told me that she would like a Buzzy's Store print with everyone signing it for her.   

Since I have several 8x10 Buzzy prints on hand courtesy of Mary Lou, I told Tammy no problem and I would take care of that for her. 

Having signed up for that however, I immediately saw that we had a couple problems.  First, the matting around the 8x10 prints is way too small to accommodate everyone having enough space to sign it.  Secondly, all of the 8x10 prints that I had in stock in the Store featured only dark blue mats meaning that we would need to use a white or a gray marker to write our goodbye messages to her.  

I called Mary Lou with my concerns and she solved both problems by bringing me a larger (13x23) print with a white mat on which everyone could sign their goodbyes to Tammy.   

I then had  all of Tammy's and Harley's Buzzy friends sign the matting and  afterwards took the print up to my sister Lila to have all of their St. Michael's friends sign it.  They signed it for Harley who graduates from St. Michael's in May and Trudy, Tammy's Mom/Harley's Grandmom who volunteers almost daily at St. Michael's.  

I then surprised Tammy with the Mary Lou print at her going away party.

Once I had finished giving Tammy the Buzzy/Mary Lou print, she then surprised the heck out of me when she presented me with the following:
In case you can not decipher the inscription on the paddle, it reads as follows:
As Tammy very correctly notes, we are all going to miss her, Trudy and Harley.  Best of luck to all of them!

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