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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

In the Air Tonight (Pt. Something-or-Other)

I was picking up some sheetrock that Brady had leftover from a job he was doing in Tall Timbers, when I heard In the Air Tonight playing inside the house.  Because I know this song so well, I knew that the drum transition was about to go down.  To hear it better, I slipped inside the house, where Brady was talking to the homeowner.  

However, Brady and the homeowner were discussing flooring issues and the homeowner picked that exact moment to turn the volume down.  Bummed at not hearing the drum transition, I went back outside to load up the extra sheetrock that Brady had staged on the front porch.

Soon after, Brady and the homeowner came outside and I joked about them talking so much that they had to turn down the best part of the song.  The homeowner commented about how he too enjoyed the song and liked seeing it used in a Miami Vice scene.  I was impressed that he cited the same scene I always associate with the song.  (Too, I mentally forgave him for turning the volume down on Phil's great drum roll.)    

I have discussed the Miami Vice/In the Air Tonight scene here on the Buzzyblog several times previously (as an example click here.)  It was Phil's divorce song and the Miami Vice folks nailed it so well that the song and the video are forever logged together in the old music memory box for me.  That  I recall having a conversation with my ex similar to Sonny and Caroline's makes it even more of a bitter-sweet recollection.    

Here again then is the scene and do yourself a favor and crank up the volume at the 2:49 mark.  Who knows, it may even  make you want to load up and move some sheetrock!

P.S. Here is an interesting history-repeating-itself note.  When Miami Vice used the song in their first episode in 1984 it created a surge of sales for the song which was originally released in 1981.  Then just last year, after a couple dudes Twinstrend did their funny take on it (click here) iTunes saw the song become their #2 best seller.  As SNL parodied the Twins guys, I still find it hard to believe that this was really the first time that the dudes had ever heard the song.  Then again I'm a 70 year old fart and they are teenagers.

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