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Friday, March 19, 2021

Happy St. Joseph Feast Day

Today marks the Feast Day of my namesake - St. Joseph. (Actually I was named for my Uncle Joe Norris from Buzzy's side of the family but my Mom then had it shortened to just  J. in recognition of J. Frank on the Raley side.  How's that for a clever way to have tied in both sides of the equation?)

As saints go though, Joseph is really the Rodney Dangerfield of them in that he doesn't get much respect.   As proof of this, think about all the notoriety and hoopla that surrounded St. Patrick two days ago and compare that to today when hardly anybody even knows nor cares that it's Joe's Day.  

Years ago when I asked my cousin Father John about why Joe was so overlooked he explained that it all had to do with the Church initially wanting to play up the divinity of Jesus as the son of God.  Having Joseph skulking around as JC's old man here on earth didn't really help sell that divine theory business.  

Whereas Joseph gets a lot of mention in the Old Testament (click here,) he is only mentioned a handful of times in the New Testament Gospels of Luke and John.  Mark and Matthew don't even mention him at all.  And to add insult to being practically ignored, the last time that Joe does get mentioned in Luke's Gospel is when he and Mary lose the 12 year old Jesus in the Temple for a couple of days.  They eventually find Jesus pulling a Young Sheldon hanging out and lecturing the doctors and high priests.  But when Mary asks Jesus what He has been up to, Jesus gives her some flip ass answer that He must be about His Father's business.  Again it's like Joseph isn't even there.  (Think if I was Joseph and had been looking for Young JC for 3 days only to find Him and hear Him say some bs like that, I might have clued Him into what this father's business was all about!)  

Music-wise, Joe doesn't get much respect either as most of the songs involving a Joe portray him in a not-so-good light e,g, Hey Joe, Cotton Eyed Joe, No, No Joe etc..  Here then is another lousy Joe song and video featuring a very young actor as Walkaway Joe.  See if you can recognize him.  I'll give you a clue:  he is thinking about running for Governor of Texas (click here.) 

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