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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Gary Shot

Speaking of bouncing back (yesterday's blog post) here is a good story about a Buzzy friend who made a miraculous recovery from a terrible incident that happened approximately 50 years ago.   

My buddy Gary Milburn texted me a few weeks ago that he was scheduled for his vaccine and wrote "Getting shot tomorrow."  Being the insensitive smart ass that I am, I couldn't resist going back to him as follows: 

In 1972 Gary was shot in the head by Dickie Duke in Duke's Bar.  Below is the front page Enterprise story on the incident and Dickie's subsequent trial.  

Gary has told this story a couple times in Buzzy's Country Store and it never ceases to amaze me how he managed to survive it.  Had it not been for Gary's friend Pat Guy taking Gary over to the St. Mary's Hospital as quickly as he did that night, Gary may not have survived it.  As it turned out, Gary was in a coma for 4 months but did manage to somehow survive the ordeal and recover from it.  

As stated in the Enterprise article, Dickie's main trial defense was that he shot the gun up in the air and not directly at Gary.  However, both Gary and Pat state very firmly that Dickie did indeed fire the gun straight at Gary and that there wasn't any ricochet involved.  

Here then is the Enterprise story of the event and the subsequent trial:

To read the complete story (click here.)  The jury found Dickie guilty of assault and battery but acquitted him of the more serious charge of assault with attempt to murder.  Read the story for yourself and see what you think really happened that night.  As for Gary, he's a very lucky man to still be around here and with us.

All this went down on a Saturday night, so this tune seems more than appropriate:

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