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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Funny Signs and Wrong Oscars

Haven't done any funny signs in awhile so here are some that caught my eye hiking the trail of life on the internet: 

Finally, the following one sent me looking to try and find more info on it.  And while I wasn't able to track it down for certain, I did find this series of funny Yelp reviews on a Harry's Package Store in Newport, Rhode Island (click here and scroll thru.)  One of the reviewers quotes a line from Harry that I may have to use whenever someone in Buzzy's questions our prices:  "Well, you're here aren't you idiot?"
Nice To See Mention of Harry Without Having to Hear About Meghan Isn't It?
For more funny signs (click here) 

Speaking of funny, I ran across a click bait story titled "Times the Oscars Got It Wrong."  It mentioned how Goodfellas' director Martin Scorsese lost the 1990 Best Director Movie Award to Kevin Costner and Dances With Wolves (click here.)   

Naturally, the following scene came to mind like it always does whenever someone discusses someone being funny.  (PS - Joe Pesci did win the 1990 Best Supporting Actor for his role here as Tommy DeVito (click here.)  For more info on the scene (click here.)

And since it's Twofer Tuesday (and also because Scorsese usually has a Stones' song on his movie soundtracks) check out this Goodfellas' compilation to Monkey Man:

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