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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Capacity Bans Lifted for Businesses

Governor Hogan announced yesterday that all businesses including bars and restaurants no longer have capacity restrictions. 

Governor Hogan Announces Lifting of Capacity Limits, Effective Friday, March 12, 2021, 

Note that mandates for masks and social distancing will remain in effect.  

At Buzzy's Country Store, the State Fire Marshall has set 30 as the maximum capacity for the number of folks inside the Store at any one time.  Because the Store itself is so small, it would be tough to get 30 folks in there anyway. 
With the 50% capacity mandate however, it took Buzzy's down to 15 allowed inside.  However, we also had the extension of premise allowance for folks to be out on the porch and to also sit at the 2 picnic tables outside.  

Still, a couple of times these past months I would do a quick headcount of folks in the Store just to make sure we were not over the limit.   Winter months make it even more crowded inside the Store, because even my die hard smokers don't stay outside on the porch any more than they have to when it's freezing cold outside.  

Thus, it goes without saying that, like every other business owner, I too am very glad that Governor Hogan has lifted the capacity bans.  Hats off to Larry.

Guess I could play that Larry tune for you (click here if you really want to hear it.)  But to be honest with you, and just for the record please note that I am a big Del fan, but I have never particularly cared for that song of his mostly because of the "cry-cry-cry" part that he sings 3 times in it.  In general, I usually like anything falsetto.  However, in Hats Off to Larry, the way Del slips the "cry-cry-cry" in there makes it sound to me like a cat in heat or a baby crying and completely ruins an otherwise great little song.  

So in honor of being back to where we once belonged, here's a tune that always runs thru my head whenever I hear of something or someone being back.  (I doubt however, that Steve Tyler ever thought that this would be the backdrop for something about the lifting of bar room seating capacity limits!)

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