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Monday, March 1, 2021

Buzzy March Birthdays

Me and My Brown Eyed Girl - Photo Taken By My Mom on Mothers Day 2010

Buzzy birthdays in March include my daughter Ryan (above) on the 2nd along with Rich Brewer also on that day.  Robbie Hall's daughter Sheryl McKinnon celebrates on the 4th; Tommy Salvo the 7th; Bob Mann and my nephew Michael Hofmeister the 8th;  Terri Yates the 16th; my nephew-in-law Ian Allen the 25th;  and Steve Pratt on the 31st. 

March also features that Ides of Julius Caesar thing that went down literally on the 15th.  Thankfully however, that is not the first thought that comes to my mind on the 15th as I once knew a very nice lady whose birthday also fell on the 15th.  I prefer to think of her versus all that "Et tu Brute" stuff.   Happy birthday wherever she is now.

As a music group, the Ides of March are up there with the biggest and greatest of one hit wonders with this classic song   Someone once referred to it as the best Chicago song that Chicago didn't do.

Vehicle's writer and lead singer was Jim Peterik who, after the Ides split up, formed Survivor and co-wrote Eye of the Tiger.  Check his story out here in this interview purple hair and all.   (If you don't have time for the whole interview, jump in at the 6:30 mark and hear how he got a call from Sylvester Stallone to write a song for Rocky III because he (Stallone) could not get the rights to use Another One Bites the Dust.)

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