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Sunday, February 7, 2021

St. Michael's School and That Which Only God Provides

The front page of this month's Catholic Standard is dedicated to Catholic Schools' Week and features St. Michael's third grade student London Gill.   

An accompanying article inside the paper elaborates on how big a role St. Michael's plays in our local community.  My sister Lila is quoted throughout the article.  Although she doesn't brag about it,  I will because Lila has been the main reason that St. Michael's has stayed afloat thru all these trying years both pre-Covid and now in the midst of it.  The support from the local community has been outstanding; but it is because of Lila's leadership and determination that St. Michael's is still around.  Through her tireless efforts, St. Michael's has continued to provide quality education to all its students for over 100 years now.  Here is an excerpt from the article but I encourage you to read the rest of it by clicking on the link below.

To read the rest of the article (click here.)  The article concludes with Lila quoted as follows:

Sounds great to me too:  "a community of faith, attractive to others seeking that which only God provides."  This photo from the article shows Lila as I think of her - laughing and energetic as always.  Good qualities to have if you are a Catholic School principal in these times.


St. Michael's has an excellent website (click here) that includes the school's history.  Here are some excerpts from that summary:

You can't very well talk about Catholic schools and not mention "the nuns."  As stated above in the school's history, the Catholic Standard article on St. Michael's also notes that it was the Sisters of Saint Joseph who staffed the school from 1922 to 1999.  I found this funny video discussing nun names.

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