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Sunday, February 14, 2021

It Comes in Threes

Sunday religion lesson and we're talking threesomes as in the number 3 being a key element in a lot of Christian dogma.  Obviously, when you have a faith centered around a Father, a Son and the Holy Spirit that tips you off right there that 3 is a big deal.  Throw in Jesus, Mary and Joseph and you have a good daily double of triplet things.

Guess who, after He was born, were Christ's first visitors and what did they bring Him?  You got it, the Three Wise Men brought 3 gifts.  Thirty years later Christ began His ministry and had a 3 years run before He was knocked off.

During His ministry as a priest, prophet and king, Christ counselled His many followers on how to save their body, soul and spirit.  Along the way, He raised 3 folks from the dead, was tempted 3 times in a Garden, denied by Peter 3 times and ultimately crucified at the age of 33 at 3 o'clock on one of 3  crosses.  

And after being on that cross for 3 hours, His body was taken down and buried in a tomb.  You know what happened 3 days later.  

So yeah, the number 3 gets a lot of play with the Christians.  (If you'd like more info on this 3-connection (click here.)

All of which is just a preamble for me to tell you that I received 3 birthday cards in honor of my b'day.  (Note I received several more messages and well wishes on FB and I thank all of you for those comments.  Someday I'll get the FB bug and use it more often,)

As for my 3 birthday cards, my sister Donna sent me this one:

 My buddy Doug Ford gave me this one:

And thanks to Kim Wiley for picking it up and circulating it for folks to sign, this card was from my Buzzy's Country Store friends:

Music-wise, it sure seems like the Jeep folks pulled a Mitch McConnell on Bruce by wanting it both ways when they dropped him this week because of  his DWI (click here for story.)   Seems a little chicken shit to me that the Jeep boys waited until AFTER last week's Super Bowl to do all this "punishment" when Bruce got his DWI way back in November of last year.  I'm sure Bruce will be able to figure how to survive not having the Jeep gig though.  As for his DWI, I am betting he gets off with something like say 3 hours community service.

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