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Friday, February 19, 2021

Flashback Friday - Moonshine in St. Mary's

Found this video put together by Dickie Duke some time ago.  It appeared on Massey's You Know You're From St. Mary's County FB site in 2015 (click here and scroll down to read the many comments.)  

The video features some of our more famous Countians.  For instance George Aud (9:46 mark) and Larry Millison (17:18) both talk about the moonshine business in the County back in the day.  Larry mentions how his father, in their store, would discreetly supply folks with sugar and mason jars to make and bottle shine.  (It reminded me of a story that I have previously mentioned here  about how Buzzy sold large quantities of sugar in the evening out the back door of the Store after he had officially closed (click here.)   Here is the video.

At the 13:54 mark in the video, Dickie reads details from a Jason Babcock 2012 Enterprise story (click here) about the shooting of a local moonshiner by revenuers in 1927.  In the article, Jason quotes the director of Prohibition as saying that Southern Maryland was the wettest region in the United States.  Mind you he didn't say ONE of the wettest places, simply that it was THE wettest.  How's that for high praise?!

And speaking of moonshine listen to this:
I know it's not a "twofer" day, but this SRV song has been on my mind these past couple days. (Hint as to why I've been thinking about this, Stevie Ray was born and raised in Dallas before moving to Austin, Texas.)

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