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Thursday, February 25, 2021

First Sign of Spring? Bikes at Buzzy's!

 With temps up in the 60's yesterday there were some bikes at Buzzy's Country Store:

Marshall was on the red one to the right and Eric's green Indian is in the center.  Micah and Cassidy, who rode in on the one to the left. chilled on Buzzy's porch (below.)  All this on the 24th of February.  Spring can't be too far off can it?

So it was a nice day to be bikin' to Buzzy's.  And granted, I realize that winter is not over quite yet, but it does make me feel good and hopeful that we will be seeing more days like we had yesterday than the bleary, yucky ones that we have had this past month.  Better days are ahead of us.

A great Bruce tune comes to mind.  Although It is a very upbeat tune about feeling good, Bruce does slip in the some not-so-upbeat images when he notes that "It's a sad man my friend who's living in his own skin and can't stand the company" (2:10 mark.)  Hope I never have to experience that phenomena.

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