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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Whatever Happened To......

Ronald McDonald? 

Truth be told, I really haven't noticed that he is no longer in the Mickey D mix; but then again I'm kinda oblivious to lots of these changes that have been going down.  Plus, we have had so many other clowns bouncing around to distract us that I haven't even missed Ronald.  (In my defense however, I was aware that Kentucky Fried Chicken had changed its name to KFC (click here.)   Crazy eh?  Next thing you know,  the Redskins will.... ok, never mind.)

But I digress here and want to get back to why Ronald became persona non burger mascot.  The following video does a good job filling you in.

As the video noted, in 2016 there was a "clown purge" following a number of creepy clown incidents (click here for more info.)  I sure hope St. Bernards don't become creepy, else I might have to replace Bruno as Buzzy's mascot.  Guess I could always contact Ronald and see if he wants to move on from being the Hamburger Eating Clown to becoming the Beer Drinking Clown.   But then again, I already got a couple of those in Buzzy's and Ronald might feel threatened if he were to take the job.  I will hold off on offering him the job at least until his unemployment runs out.

But speaking of fitting in, I haven't played any Weird Al in awhile so how about this one of him doing a rap parody about the Amish?  I know, sounds weird but it sorta works.

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