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Monday, January 11, 2021

Reciprocity of Good Will

Good interview last night on 60 Minutes with Maine Senator Angus King.  He is a registered Independent  who is well rspected as someoine who is a "truth teller and a voice of reason."  And we sure need some more of that right now don't we?  I encourage you to listen to the entire 12 minute interview (click here.)   

Hearing Senator King talk about how he deals with his colleagues in the Senate was reassuring.  With folks like him representing not only Maine, but also all of us maybe there is some hope that perhaps our system of government isn't as hosed up as it currently seems to be.  

But the comment that King made in his interview that resonated the most with me occurred early on where he talks about how Maine is a big small town where people have  a sense of community and really care about one another.   Here is the explanation he gave as to why that is the case:

That resonated with me because right now what I miss the most about Buzzy's currently being closed is not seeing and interacting with all of my many Buzzy friends like I do when the Store is usually open.  I miss seeing my "everydayers" the several folks who stop in the Store just about everyday.  (Some do so at or around the same time everyday.)  Then too, I miss seeing my "every-other-dayers," the several folks who pop in 3 or 4 times a week.  Add to that the several more folks who go out of there way to visit Buzzy's either weekly or here and there, and it makes for a very pleasant experience of seeing and enjoying these folks and hearing what they have to say.  (And believe me, some of them have a LOT to say.)    I appreciated the point that Senator King was trying to make about how living in a small town and caring for one another is something to be valued. 

And with that in mind here's a tune about living in a place where folks....well listen for yourself:

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