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Friday, January 15, 2021

Park Hall Airport

On Massey's FB page You Know You're From St. Mary's someone posted a photo of a guy with a small plane and asked if anyone knew of a place in the County that had flying back in the day (click here.)  Naturally the Park Hall Airport came up and thanks to Sandy Sweikar we got this explanation:

A search of Massey's You Know St. Mary's archives revealed these other posts and discussions about Park Hall Airport:

Then there was this from Tom MacDonald with several interesting comments including Sandy's above (click here)

And this from Candace Junkin (click here) who included the following link to a book titled Abandoned and Little Known Airfields by Paul Freeman.  A section of this book discusses Park Hall  (click here.)  Speaking of "little known facts," Mr. Freeman notes at the end of his discussion of the Park Hall Airport that the housing development there today commemorates its airport history by naming its streets Spitfire Court and Piper Court. 

How bout something from Howlin' talking airplane related things.  (Note this same riff was played by Howlins' guitar man Hubert Sumlin and they recycled it in a couple of other songs most notably Spoonful and Smokestack Lightening (click here.)  Many years later, Creedence would also use it for their Suzie Q.)

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