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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Mom and Lindy

There are two obituaries currently on the counter at Buzzy's Country Store - my Mom's and Lindy McKay's.  I have included the beginning paragraphs from each of them.  Note the obvious similarities with regards to their respective dates.  

Less obvious however, is the Country Store references for both of them.  (Well, it was obvious to me anyway.)

The proprietor of the store who nicknamed Lindy was Billy Hooper's father Gilbert.  He owned and ran a country store at the corner of Airedele Road and Rt. 5 in the heart of Ridge.  (This was the store owned originally by Max Schuman whom I've discussed previously (click here.) 
As I was looking for video's having to with "lasts" I found this cool one of Johnny Carson's last T-V appearance.  Standing ovation for him and he never says a word. 
One of the video's commentators noted that Johnny's retirement in 1992 marked the beginning of the decline of U.S. culture. Think about it - that commentator may very well have been right.

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